Data Directory

We don’t believe in data dead-ends. If we can’t answer your question, we’ll point you in the right direction. Here’s a list of links to different groups and initiatives across the Melbourne Children’s Campus.

Bioinformatics Methods group Using state of the art applications and methods to answer hard genomics questions
Centre for Digital Transformation of Health Focusing on the better use of health data, integrating digital health innovations into healthcare and upskilling the healthcare workforce.
Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics Unit (CEBU) The Campus’s data science methods expertise hub
CURVE Building transformative health technology solutions
Decision Support Unit (DSU) RCH Decision Support Unit
Generation Victoria (GenV) One of the world's largest birth and parent cohort studies
International Precision Child Health Partnership (IPCHiP) International Partnership to advance precision healthcare, and knowledge
Knowledge Translation and Impact Providing the Melbourne Children’s campus with resources, tools, support and a community of interest around Knowledge Translation
LifeCourse Melbourne Children’s LifeCourse Initiative
MCRI IT Supporting MCRI and VCGS staff with their technological needs
Melbourne Academic Centre for Health (MACH) A partnership committed to the translation of interdisciplinary research.
Melbourne Data Analytics Platform Enabling data-intensive research across the University
Melbourne Genomics An alliance of leading hospitals and research institutions, working with the Victorian Government to embed genomics in the health system.
Parkville EMR The Parkville EMR supports high-quality, seamless healthcare the four Parkville Hospitals.
RCH EMR The RCH Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
RCH IT Delivering IT systems and services to the RCH.
RCH Quality and Improvement Driving system improvement by applying the principles of improvement science
Rare Diseases Now (RDNow) Delivering genomic diagnoses and personalised care to families affected by rare disease.
Research Data Services Providing institutional support to any and all aspects of research data management.