Centre for Digital Transformation of Health

The Centre for Digital Transformation of Health is a cross-disciplinary centre that sits in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, and the School of Computing and Information Systems.

With a vision of connected healthcare, the Centre aims to address a critical gap in the translation of digital health research, which is clearly needed if the healthcare system is to benefit from research-led advances in digital health. The Centre aims to significantly grow the field of digital health research at the University of Melbourne through creating the right environment for the type of inter-disciplinary, collaborative research that correlates with research excellence and impact to flourish. Through bringing together researchers, educators, healthcare and digital health professionals, patients and the public, the focus on translation of digital health innovations into clinical practice will enable a future where the healthcare system is transformed through digital health innovation. Its three strategic pillars are focussed on better use of health data, integrating digital health innovations into the healthcare system and upskilling the healthcare workforce.

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