Information for insight

The Centre for Health Analytics acts as a nucleus; to enable the use of data to improve patient care, operations, education and research across the Melbourne Children’s Campus. 

We help interpret data into meaning to ease difficult moments in young peoples’ lives.

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We support the Melbourne Children’s Campus 

Do you have a problem you think you could solve with data? Or would you like to feel empowered to become a health data championWe’re here to help!  

Potential-powering partnerships

One home, four organisations: that’s a lot of brainpower under one roof. We’re working across all four organisations to better organise, access and understand the data we all have

Data Services Accelerating approved and secure data access
Data Systems Building a secure self-service data platform
Workforce Development Increasing informatics expertise
Engagement Collaborating with our patients, families and community
Research Uncovering the power of data

Our Projects

The volume, velocity and variation of health-related data is on the rise. To harness the potential of this information, we’re highlighting four pilot projects

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We are the first Centre of our kind in Australia

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You can create a brighter future for sick children.

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As innovators in research, education, clinical care and informatics; we’re all-in to lead global collaborations in powerful data for powerful change.

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