Certified Health Informatician Australasia (CHIA) Study Program

The Centre for Health Analytics is helping Children’s Campus staff become CHIA certified professionals.

In 2021, The Centre for Health Analytics kicked off a pilot program for Children’s Campus staff to gain CHIA certification. It was a huge success and we now support a cohort of 30+ potential CHIA each year. We have maintained a 90% passing rate amongst our last two cohorts and we invite you to come study and certify through us in our fully supported CHIA Study Program. Our new 2024 cohort will begin in August. If you’d like to register your interest for CHIA 2024, please do so by emailing [email protected]

Become a certified health informatician on Campus!

For the last 3 years, we have supported 82 Children’s Campus staff become CHIA certified as part of our CHIA Study Program. This year, we’re continuing the program for another 30+ potential candidates and expanding this to participants outside of the Melbourne Children’s Campus (fee based).

Our program includes:

  • Fully sponsored CHIA Registration for Melbourne Children’s Campus (RCH, MCRI, UoM Dept Paeds & DT4H) employees – paid for by the Centre for Health Analytics
  • Competitive pricing for non-MCC employees within Parkville Precinct
  • Personalised induction from AIDH
  • Practice Exams and Practitioners Guide (paid for by Health Analytics)
  • Four weekly online study check-in offerings per week
  • 1:1 mentoring from a CHIA alumni
  • CHIA Graduation Luncheon

CHIA is an industry professional certification that will help you stand out from the crowd and be recognised for your skills and experience in digital health. CHIA is for Health Informaticians, Data Analysts, Technologists, Researchers, IT/EMR Specialists, Clinicians, Administration, and Executives.

Our 2023 CHIA Alumni:

Angel Lee, Avinash Kondiboyina, Casey Nottage, Gavin Wayne, Geoff Burnhill, Grace Gell, Hazel Clothier, Jia Wei Teo, John Mallard, Joseph Vu, Kylie Moon, Mark Rulli, Meg Perrier, Molika In, Mogan Savy, Nicki Mountford, Richard Hall, Richelle Pineda, Rosalynn Pszczola, Sergio Ruiz-Carmona, Shaun Ho, Sophie Linton, Steven McConchie, Susan Baohm, Terry Carroll, Revi Rosenberg

Our 2022 CHIA Alumni:

Andrew Dao, Bodo Ballhaus, Callum Fitzpatrick, Cameron Palmer, Clara Mullings, Danielle Patterson, Gráinne Butler, Jeffrey Ong, Jennifer Gray, Karen Van Scott, Kirsty Rogash, Kristina Ricketts, Laura Pumo, Matt Nielsen, Meghan Christison, Melissa Mackey, Mitchell Johnson, Nadine Tey, Peter Xiberras, Quan Nguyen, Selina Van, Shan Chan, Sophie Tran, Kiarash Taghavi

Our 2021 CHIA Pilot Alumni:

Belinda Zambello, Casie East, Cathy Quinlan, Cecilia Hsieh, Darren Cullerne, Ezra Fass, James Liddle, Janice Campbell, Jennifer Piscionere, Jim Buttery, Kirsten Fagerli, Kitty O’Brien, Leah McLachlan, Liam Shanahan, Lindsay Wills, Li-yin Goh, Nick Fulkoski, Sarah Dorward, Tim Bakker, Tim Ho, Tracy Horsburgh

Other CHIA on Campus:

Joanna Lawrence, Ahuva Segal, Kate Lucas, James Scandol, Daryl Cheng, Aiden Varan, Naomi Burke, Alice Voskoboynik

If you would like to join the Alumnus or hear more about completing the CHIA certification with CHA next year, email [email protected]