Information for our Kids and Families

Children and their families and carers have an important role to play in Choosing Wisely. It’s important that parents, carers and patients feel comfortable and informed about any tests, treatments or procedures that are being recommended.

The Choosing Wisely Five Questions can support consumers to have conversations with their treating team and ensure they understand the proposed care plan. All patients and their families and carers are encouraged to ask their treating team the Choosing Wisely Five Questions at any time during their care.

The 5 questions:

  1. Does my child really need this test, treatment or procedure?
  2. What are the potential side effects or harms?
  3. Are there any simpler or safer options?
  4. What happens if we do nothing?
  5. What are the costs involved?

To read more visit the Choosing Wisely Website here!

How to get involved

We are always looking to hear from our patients and families about their experiences and where we could improve the value of the care provided.  We are also always looking for interested consumers to partner with us in co-designing effective interventions. For more information and to share your ideas and initiatives for Choosing Wisely, please contact [email protected]