Learn new skills in health analytics

Using the power of data to improve paediatric patient care requires a data empowered workforce.

Read below for professional development and graduate courses.

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Courses offered by our campus partners

CEBU – MCRI  – Short Courses in: Research methods, stata, R, RedCap

UoM – Applied learning healthcare systems short course  (currently not active but will run again – click the link for more info)

Seminars, Webinars, and Workshops

OnlineSeminar: Machine Learning Lie within the Field of Health Data Science

UoM – Making Digital Health REAL Workshops – enhance the practical learnings of digital health and learn from leaders. Wednesdays from 10am-11am.

Professional Development

Machine Learning – https://www.statsoc.org.au/event-4197015

AI 4 Health – Winter School to cover latest advances in the field of data science applied to health 10-12 Jan ($157)

Monash University – Data Analytics Boot Camp ($12,750 – CHA is looking to fund 25 students in 2022/23 – please contact us to express interest)

AIDH – Fellowship by training courses

John Hopkins University / Coursera – Health informatics specialisation (Coursera subscription $65/mo)

Berkeley Extension – Introduction to Health Informatics ($5200)

Flinders University – Health informatics – short course ($2313)

NIHI Canada – Annual data analytics for healthcare summit ($595)

UNSW Centre for Big Data Research in Heath – Professional development courses in data science ($3400)

Murdoch University – Short course in principles of health informatics ($2570 or $3030 for credit elegibility)

Deakin / Future Learn – Fundamentals of digital health in hospitals ($2004)

HIMAA – Health information Mgmt Assosiation of Australia – Clinical coding, Advanced ICD ($4,440.00), Refresher ICD ($1,830.00), Comprehensive medical terminology ($2,420.00), Elementary medical terminology ($500)

AMIA – American Medical Informatics Association – Health informatics, Clinical decision support, Biomedical and health informatics for emergency physicians, Introduction to biomedical and health informatics ($2395)

GeHCo – Global e-Health Collaborative – Clinical Informatics ($1575), Health Data ($400)

ANDHeath – Masterclass ACCELERATE in digital health commercialisation 

Graduate Courses

Victoria University – Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence (AI Technologies and application development including: data mining and analytics, natural language processing, neutral network, deep learning, modern programming skills)

Griffith University / Open Universities AU – Graduate certificate in health informatics

La Trobe University – Graduate certificate in digital health, Master of digital health, Master of health information management 

Monash University – Graduate certificate of analytics, Master of analytics

Murdoch University – Graduate diploma in artificial intelligence and data science, Master of business administration/Master of information technology (data science major)

RMIT – Graduate certificate in digital health, Graduate certificate in data science, Graduate certificate in analytics, Master of data science, Master of data science strategy and leadership, Master of analytics

University of Melbourne – Graduate certificate in health informatics and digital health, Master of information systems (health major),
Master of applied data analytics (health major)

University of NSW – Graduate certificate in health data science, Graduate diploma in health data science, Master of health data science

University of Queensland – Graduate certificate in bioinformatics, Master of bioinformatics, Master of data science

University of Sydney – Professional certificate in data literacy for health policymakers, Master of data science, Graduate certificate in data science, Master of health technology innovation, Graduate diploma of health technology innovation 

University of Wollongong – Graduate certificate in health analytics , Graduate certificate in principles of data science, Master of health informatics 

University of Tasmania – Graduate Certificate in Digital Health, Graduate certificate in E-Health (health informatics), Master of E-Health (Health Informatics)

Deakin University – Graduate certificate of data analytics

Boston University – Graduate certificate in health informatics

Auckland University of Technology – Postgraduate study in Health Informatics