Our team

We’re a talented bunchCheck out the range of experience and expertise that works together to form this incredible, pioneering team.  

We’re on the hunt for talented people to help us unleash the power of data to improve children and young people’s lives.  

See our available job openings here.

Our Director

Kate Lucas is at the helm of this fantastic team.

Kate specialises in digital health strategy and delivery. She has worked across the clinical and research sector, including consulting to the health industry with Deloitte on digital transformation projects and delivering a shared clinical genomics platform for Melbourne Genomics.

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Our data team

Lead by James Scandol, this team of EMR experts and data analysts are ready to help you with your data needs.

Our research team

Professor of Child Health Informatics, Jim Buttery, will drive our data to develop health services in hospital medicine and public health.

The rest of us

It takes a lot of great people to deliver effective change and development in paediatric healthcare.