Centre for Health Analytics Symposium 2023

The symposium provided an opportunity for Campus staff, health analytics experts, researchers, industry leaders, and other stakeholders in the healthcare sector to come together and discuss the latest advances in healthcare analytics. The presentations and discussions were insightful and informative, and they covered a wide range of topics, including: 

  • healthcare data analytics, 
  • AI applications, and 
  • innovative solutions for healthcare challenges, including the use of TikTok for health messaging

220+ Attendees

12 Presentations

14+ Speakers

Program at a glance

Building a Highly Reliable Learning Health System

Introducing the Centre for Health Analytics

Improving the Safety and use of Antimicrobials in children using the EMR

Visualising Success: Enhancing CVAD Care through dashboard implementation

Choosing Wisely

Lessons Learnt from Embedding Trials into the EMR

Toll of the Scroll– TikTok as a platform for health messaging

Potential-powering partnerships

One home, four organisations: that’s a lot of brainpower under one roof. We’re working across all four organisations to better organise, access and understand the data we all have

“It’s been such a pleasure to come back to the Royal Children’s Hospital for the fifth or sixth time and the progress on the digital health journey is phenomenal. There’s so much to be proud of here from the outcomes of the Electronic Health Record implementation to the launch of the Centre for Health Analytics.”

– Chris Longhurst, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Digital Officer, UC San Diego Health

“Data has completely changed my view on what my role in the healthcare system is.”

– Cathy Quinlan, Paediatric Nephrologist, The Royal Children’s Hospital

“To proving problems based on data and really using that data to make changes in practice and evaluate those changes to see if they’re effective.”

– Ella Borello, Clinical Nurse Consultant, The Royal Children’s Hospital

Key Speakers

L-R: Jo Hickman, Cathy Quinlan, Gráinne Butler, Ella Borello, Jim Buttery, Chris Longhurst, Kate Lucas, Ben Gelbart, Sue Hunt AM, Victoria Iliadis, Wonie Uahwatanasakul

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If you are interested in getting in contact with the Centre for Health Analytics or have any inquiries, please contact [email protected].