Choosing Wisely at the Melbourne Childrens Campus

Together we are committed to providing the safest, high-quality, high-value care for our patients. The RCH became a Choosing Wisely Champion Hospital in 2019, advocating strongly for reducing tests, treatments and procedures which add no benefit and can in some cases cause emotional stress or harm. Through Choosing Wisely, we are part of a worldwide campaign challenging clinicians to think differently about the way we provide care, and to challenge the status quo when what we might normally do is no longer adding value to the patient experience. This movement in health also empowers consumers to be a part of the care team and to engage in conversations regarding which tests, treatments and procedures are truly necessary.

For Healthcare Professionals

The RCH has committed to addressing two low-value care practices per year. Find out more!

Information for our Kids and Families

Children and their families and carers have an important role to play in Choosing Wisely. See how you can be involved.

RCH Showcased

In our first Choosing Wisely project, The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) aimed to reduce low-value care in bronchiolitis, a viral chest infection which leads to the highest number of hospital admissions in infants during winter.

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Choosing Wisely Projects

Blood Tests, Thyroid Function Testing, and LVC How to reduce full iron panels when a single test will do, and reducing full thyroid function testing when unnecessary.
Reducing Bronchodilators in Bronchiolitis Find out more about the low-value care of bronchodialators
Reducing CXR in Bronchiolitis Read about reducing routine chest X-ray in patients with bronchiolitis
Reducing Electrocardiograms in Sleeping Children Learn about low-value care of ECG for sleeping bradycardia