How we work

We’re the centre for excellence in the use of data – however you use data.

Our mission is to make the Melbourne Children’s Campus an internationally leading paediatric campus in the use of data to improve all aspects of patient care, operations, education and research.

To do that, we’re focusing on six streams of work:

Data services

We work with you to frame your idea, identify where your desired data is, or how you can capture it. Then we securely extract that data for a privacy-compliant analysis. These services encourage the growth of quality data on campus and create an active pipeline of projects, ideas, collaborations, ​and more dynamic datasets. Our Centre also helps foster the connections you need for external data and linkage partnerships. 

Work with us

Data systems

Our self-service data platform to support campus staff with data is a work in progress. The platform will simplify and secure your data searches. It will help you explore, generate and test your hypotheses, and enable you to analyse and visualise the results. Over time, our data ecosystem will grow to accommodate more complex use cases. 


We’re designing a campus-wide strategy to tackle data interoperability. To securely address our challenges in this space, we’re embedding an inclusive governance structure. Our Centre will vitalise the current mountain of inaccessible, disorganised data into a streamlined intra-organisational resource. Aligning organisational processes and outlooks allows for collaborative use of the information with more purpose.  


We’re developing a data-empowered workforce on campus. With our purpose-built home and pioneering purpose, we attract and nurture extraordinary data and tech talent. Trained in health informatics, we support our staff with established career pathways. With increased informatics literacy, backed by a crew of data champions, we’re raising a skilled workforce savvy in health analytics. 

Learn new skills


Professor of Child Health Informatics, Jim Buttery, will drive our data to develop health services in hospital medicine and public health. With a background in clinical research and infectious disease, he heads Australia’s leading vaccine safety service. Instilling a five-pillared approach, Jim improves child health informatics through direct patient care, patient care processes, public health, population health and policy, and community engagement. 


When we hit our data stride, the Centre for Health Analytics will gain international recognition as a leader in health informatics. We want to understand our consumers and strengthen our consumer partnerships to see their interests and concerns reflected in our outcomes. Already a campus-wide initiative, we seek to build international collaborations. Health analytics is a valuable ally for child health, and our Centre will influence Victorian and Australian health informatics policy.