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Turning numbers into meaning.

Health analytics is the intersection of health care, information technology, and science. 

The Centre for Health Analytics puts data in the hands of clinicians, patients, researchers, managers and other decision-makers. Imagine what we can do using the right data, at the right time, presented in the right way.  

Health analytics can: 

  • revolutionise how we prevent, treat and cure conditions 
  • reshape how we structure and deliver education, and do research  
  • support the redesign of health systems  
  • influence policymakers and guide public health management 

From allergies to rare congenital and life-threatening illnesses – knowledge is power. We want to use that power to affect real change. 

There’s A LOT more going on behind the scenes.

We’re designing a campus-wide strategy to tackle data interoperability. 

To securely address our challenges in this space, we’re embedding an inclusive governance structure. Our Centre will connect and structure the current mountain of inaccessible, disorganised data into a streamlined intra-organisational resource. Aligning organisational processes and goals allows for collaborative use of information with more purpose. 

We’re also building a secure self-service platform to simplify and standardise your data searches. The platform will help you explore, generate and test your hypotheses, and enable you to analyse and visualise the results. Over time, our data ecosystem will grow to accommodate more complex use cases. 

We’re working with a team of experts from all our Melbourne Children’s Campus partners to achieve this.  

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Professor of Child Health Informatics, Jim Buttery, and his team will use our data to conduct research in hospital medicine and public health.

Jim has a background in clinical research and infectious disease, and runs Australia’s leading vaccine safety service. Currently, his team are focused on COVID-19 research. We are fortunate to have great researchers that can keep our broader community safe now, and transition to a more paediatric focus over time.

Instilling a five-pillared approach, Jim improves child health informatics through direct patient care, patient care processes, public health, population health and policy, and community engagement.

Who we are

As innovators in research, education, clinical care and informatics; we’re all-in to lead global collaborations in powerful data for powerful change.

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Innovation Investment

In August 2020, we received a big-thinking, five-year grant from The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

This donation was the catalyst for creating the Centre for Health Analytics at the Melbourne Children’s Campus. This Foundation funding is a gift we can pay forward with every discovery.

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The purpose of Melbourne Children’s is to collaborate, as world leaders, in advancing child and adolescent health through prevention, early intervention and health promotion, together with the highest quality clinical care, outstanding research and comprehensive education and training. 

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