For HealthCare Professionals

The RCH has committed to addressing 2 low value care practices per year. In keeping with the core principles of the Choosing Wisely campaign, this will be driven by clinicians on the floor – a grass roots approach.  Clinicians will be supported by the Centre of Health Analytics to extract and understand data, and the Electronic Medical Record team to introduce system-level interventions.

Low Value Care RCH podcast

Listen to RCH Choosing Wisely clinical lead, Dr Joanna Lawrence, and Chief of Critical Care, Associate Professor Ed Oakley, talk about low-value care, the drivers and the potential harms.

Listen to the podcast here!

CW Implementation Toolkit

Find the Hospital Implementation Toolkit here: Toolkit

RCH Choosing Wisely

Future projects for the RCH, include:

  • reducing disturbing sleeping patients for early morning blood collection unless clinically warranted
  • reducing blood cultures in the Emergency Department by limiting to patients where there is a clinical suspicion for bacteraemia
  • avoiding steroids for pre-schoolers with wheeze who are well enough to go home
  • reducing unnecessary peri-operative antibiotics

If you are interested in championing a Low Value Care project or have ideas about where we can further improve the value of the care we provide, please reach out to [email protected]