Knowledge Translation and Impact

The Knowledge Translation and Impact Network provide the Melbourne Children’s campus with resources, tools, support and a community of interest around KT, implementation, improvement and research impact. Free training sessions are regularly held, and are open to all staff and students.

Information and tools to kick-start impact activities are available via the Impact Hub:

  • Understanding research impact. Achieving research impact is necessary if we are to improve child health. But what exactly is research impact? Can you plan for it? The Network explores the concept of research impact, and provides a variety of tips, tools, videos and templates to help kick-start your impact efforts.
  • Program logic for impact.  A program logic is a helpful tool for planning and evaluating a pathway to impact. On this page we explore what program logic is, and how it can be used to facilitate research impact. A process for developing a program logic is described, alongside a range of tools and resources.

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