The FIONA Study

authorSaravanan Satkumaran

820 kids now have access to therapy for their chronic kidney disease using the power of health analytics. But, this is not a story about health analytics, this is a story about improving patient care and enabling access to therapy.

The Centre for Health Analytics collaborated with clinical researchers from the major international therapeutic trial, the ‘FIONA study’, to identify eligible participants.  The research team were potentially looking at over 200 hours for a team member to trawl a finite sample of EMR records and assess the patient’s eligibility for the trial. An investment that in reality appeared too time-consuming, constrained, and laborious to undertake.

The Health Analytics team were able to build a comprehensive report in a tenth of that time, that captured every single patient since EMR go-live. This report yielded 820 unique patients – 410 who immediately qualified for the study, and an additional 410 that the researchers are interested in following up with.

A seemingly simple report has proven that Melbourne Children’s Campus is an international leader in the use of data to improve patient care.