Gender Services Program

authorSaravanan Satkumaran and Li-yin Goh
Data Supports access to services and future funding

Through the expertise provided by the Centre for Health Analytics, the Gender Services team can now generate their own data extracts and reports to enable automatic and efficient reporting to review quality of care, advance research and meet funding requirements.

The Gender Services Program at the RCH has seen an increase of 8 times the number of referrals to this service in the last 6 years. The Program is funded by the state government and requires regular reporting to maintain this funding, but previously the reporting was manual and laborious.

229 hours of data analyst time has supported the Gender Services clinical team in extracting and reporting the data required to improve the treatment of gender dysphoria in transgender children and adolescents.

Since gaining access to the reports, the Gender Services team have been able to unleash the power of data to retrospectively identify patient cohorts on specific types of medication, and prospectively identify patients for upcoming study recruitment, reducing the manual burden on study teams and enhancing the quality and quantity of research in this space.