Insights and Feedback from LHSA Short Course

“The short course gave me a much better understanding of the challenges and process of change needed to implement digital solutions within healthcare, particularly the need to include all stakeholders in the process.  It opened my eyes to potential ways for healthcare systems can better understand and support our patients.  I started noticing what other’s were doing in this space at RCH and talking to my team about ideas for potential digital improvements to our team.  And practically, it gave me more motivation to apply for a role to support implementation of learning health systems within our work.”


“Completing the LHSA Short Course sponsored by CHA provided me the opportunity to step outside of my clinical role and work with a diverse group of clinicians and health related professionals. It opened my eyes to different ways to tackle health system problems with digital solutions.”

-Senior Physiotherapist & Researcher


“ALHS provided me with a good understanding and the tools around information flow and mapping. In embedded trials we are using a digital phenotype which was a concept learnt from the course!”

-Biostatistician & Project Officer

“The LHSA Short Course was a terrific introductory platform as I started out in my new role as a Data Champion at RCH. It was really helpful to learn about concepts such as learning health systems and design thinking and to explore the different types of the digital health solutions that are available.”

-Consultant Paediatrician & Clinical Data Champion

"LHS Magic!"

“The course’s insights into real-time data utilisation, patient outcomes, and adaptive interventions have significantly enhanced my ability to interpret and leverage diverse data sets particularly in the use of data visualisations.”

-Clinical Data Analyst

“The short course provided me with a systematic overview of all the steps involved in an effective learning health system cycle, a concept I was  previously unfamiliar with. The interactive learning activities with other participants allowed me to collaborate and network with clinicians, managers, data scientists and other professionals within my field at a closer level, providing a variety of perspectives and background knowledge. This course has better prepared me to implement digital solutions within the Melbourne Children’s Campus and learn how to facilitate theoretical concepts into actionable strategies.”

-Administrative Officer

"Comprehensive LHS"

“The course was a useful reminder of the complexities of implementing systems that require work process changes, including those required to collect data.  It is helpful when we consider the data collection process in the EMR and how they might (or might not) be improved.”

-Health Data Scientist

Some realistic challenges to consider...

“I really enjoyed the short course, however I found it fairly difficult to get back into study after being out of university and that mind set for over 10 years. I will need to go back thought the content when I have some time to make sure that it stinks in my mind.

I do think this will be a very useful course for me moving forward within the CPRS and Paed Surgery Departments as it was great to think about the different parties involved in patient care and who should be involved in improving it. After I have gone back through the content I’m sure there will be more take aways but that was a key take away for me. Building care plan maps will also be a useful thing for me to know in my current role as we are trying to put more of these in place for our patients in general.”


“The course captured really well the development and delivery lifecycle that technical projects and departments such as ours go through. It was great seeing the different tools (eg. Jupyter Notebooks), methodologies and approaches (eg. BPMN) that we could look at further for incorporating into our work.”

-Clinical Data Analyst

"Everyone needs this"

“The biggest impact for me was to become aware of LHS itself, and that research needs to be in the context of what it can advance in the development of health systems. LHS were mentioned in presentation at the MCRI symposium on Tuesday, it was great for me, to know what was being discussed. The various techniques for analysis, application and evaluation are very useful to know about.”

-Data Analyst/Developer

Learning and Lessons Insights from Physio

Lessons learnt during course:

  • As a clinician the course gave me background tech context to some of the decisions/processes of projects I am currently involved with.
  • Iterative process which may have no end – messiness is ok!
  • Think beyond local solutions 


How I will apply to own work in the future:

  • I would love to set up a LHS approach to all QI/Research/Service provision within my department, this may require:
    • Education with department
    • Creation of proforma’s/Flow diagrams/resources 
    • Networks within the hospital (EMR/CHA/consumer groups/research support)
  • Implement the scale/scope/sustainability principles to a current project (pending successful pilot evaluation results)

“I really enjoyed the LHSA short course as it helped me to understand the roles and perspectives of the wider healthcare community, which has helped with designing solutions that really help the people who need them”

– EMR / Consultant Paediatrician


“The short course consolidated LHS concepts that made them easy to follow, and highlighted areas where integration between different disciplines are needed. The course has provided me with a clearer vision for how are now implementing LHS in our research and operational work.”

-Health Informatics