Department of Adolescent Medicine

As the Department of Adolescent Medicine embraces the power of data-driven healthcare, our Clinical Data Champion takes centre stage in ensuring the effective utilisation of data to enhance workflow, patient care, and advance research initiatives. Our dedicated Champion, Ken Pang is at the forefront of bridging the gap between clinical expertise and data management.

Data Request Process: We have implemented a streamlined data request process to facilitate access to relevant data for research and quality improvement projects. Ken is well-versed in this process and can guide you through the steps, ensuring seamless and timely data acquisition. To request access to data for your project:

  • Please complete the Data Request Form
  • Our Clinical Data Champions and the Data Support Group in your department will review your request and guide you through the necessary steps to ensure a smooth and efficient data acquisition process
  • Your request will be triaged within 7 working days

About the Department of Adolescent Medicine Champion: Ken Pang

Ken Pang is the Data Champion within the Department of Adolescent Medicine at the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH), where he works as a paediatrician and as the Research Lead. He is also a Team Leader within the Clinical Sciences Theme at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and an Associate Professor (Honorary) within the Department of Paediatrics at the University of Melbourne. Across his clinical and research career to date, Ken has enjoyed utilising data in various ways. During his PhD, Ken setup two separate databases in the field of genomics, and was involved in bioinformatic analysis of various large-scale datasets, with some of this work subsequently published in Science. More recently, at the RCH, he has led the Trans20 longitudinal cohort study, which is collecting a wealth of data from a cohort of >600 transgender and gender diverse patients in order to assess their mental and physical health outcomes following specialist gender-related care.

Collaboration and Support: Ken will foster a collaborative environment, working closely with clinicians, researchers, and other stakeholders to identify data-driven opportunities for improvement. Ken can provide support, guidance, and mentorship to colleagues undertaking quality improvement, EMR optimisation, and research projects, ensuring the successful implementation of data-driven initiatives.

Research and Innovation: By leveraging data analytics and digital health solutions, Ken contributes to groundbreaking research and innovation in the Department of Adolescent Medicine. Ken plays a pivotal role in identifying trends, evaluating outcomes, and driving evidence-based practices to optimise patient safety and care delivery.

Join the Department of Adolescent Medicine Community of Practice by reaching out to Ken Pang by email at [email protected]

The Centre for Health Analytics looks forward to helping the Department harness the power of data to revolutionise patient care, workflow, and research. Together, we can drive innovation, improve outcomes, and shape the future of the Department of Adolescent Medicine.